Friends told me that Rabbis of even orthodox congregations are advising their communities that they need not wear Yarmulkes in the street as they walk to Shul. Others have told me stories of women hiding Magen Davids. Yes, I know I know. Jews are being beaten in the streets of…
Let’s finally organize a Jewish march on DC for Israel. Let’s do it, God willing, in the next two weeks. Let’s stop with the excuses.
People who have been married more than a quarter-century who decide, after the kids are grown and out of the house, decide they’ve had enough. That’s…
There is no reason and no justification for the victims’ deaths. There is no good that came from their deaths. No lesson for the collective Jewish…
African-American and Jewish friendship is a vital enterprise in which we must all engage.
Rising antisemitism on the European continent is alarming.
Poor policy is undermining some of America’s most special places to live.
Pornography is training men to see women as greedy and sleazy.
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